It's never too late to start making healthy eating choices -- even if your short-term goal is to slim-down for summer.

Nutritionist, Deborah Enos, is back with her fridge project : summer edition! What do you have in the fridge this month?

She shows off some of her recipies:

Two Day Salad - Use a sturdy green, skip the green leaf lettuce and use a combo of Kale (75%) & Romaine (25%). Don t over dress it. Even the toughest green can get soggy if you drown it in dressing. Secret weapons: 1: Baby Kales from EarthBound farms 2: Half Pops popcorn as a healthy crouton.

Two Day Salad Dressing - In a blender bottle, mix together the garlic, olive oil and lemon juice. Shake for about 30 seconds and pour over the kale.

Chicken, Rice, and Run! - I am a huge fan of brown rice. But I am not a huge fan of the 40 minutes it takes to cook it. Hinode Rice makes a terrific 2 min (microwave) brown rice that tastes every bit as good as homemade. To find a coupon for this, click here.

Tea De-Vit - DeCaf Green Tea Combined with my favorite powdered multi vitamin, Oxylent. I brew the tea, add the Oxylent to my glass, and add ice & tea and I am good to go! To find out more about Oxylent, click here.

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