An Everett man claims he and his toddler were kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight at Sea-Tac International Airport because the boy wouldn't keep his seatbelt on.

Mark Yanchak told he was seated next to his 3-year-old son Saturday while his wife and other son were in first class.

Preparing to take off, the 3-year-old didn't want to sit with his seatbelt on, so Yanchak said he called his wife back for help. While tending to the toddler, Yanchak said the plane taxied back to the gate.

There, Yanchak said an Alaska Airlines representative asked him and his 3-year-old son to get off the plane as a matter of safety.

Alaska Airlines said they would rather deal with the issue on the ground than in mid-flight, reported

Yanchak told reporters he would not hesitate to fly with children again, but would not fly with Alaska.

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