CLE ELUM, Wash. -- While Disney enjoys the benefits of years of work on a its newly released movie Chimpanzee, a sanctuary near Cle Elum, Washington, has been quietly making its own movie.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest was established nine years ago to take in chimpanzees that were used in the biomedical and entertainment industries. In 2008, seven chimpanzees that had been used in scientific laboratory tests in Pennsylvania arrived at the specially designed structure East of Cle Elum.

The group said the chimps were abused and are much too strong to ever be allowed to have human contact, so they are kept in a large comfortable home with access to a new two acre outdoor play area.

Recently the group placed two cameras in the compound to see how the chimps would respond. The results are fascinating and humorous. Watch video from the chimp cam

Outreach Director Diana Goodrich said people seem to relate to the animals by seeing how they behave so much like humans.

The chimps poke and examine the cameras or just hang out with them for lunch.

For more information on the sanctuary, go to the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest website.

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