Her name is Beautiful Existence. And she admits she's a positive person. But for a self-proclaimed Nordie's girl, shopping only at Goodwill for an entire year wasn't easy.

Every now and then, you'd see somebody with a new handbag or something, Existence says. And you're just like 'Darn.'

Yet this mom rose to the challenge. Everything from her jewelry, to her Christmas presents, to her furniture is from Goodwill.

There were some exceptions: food, toiletries and medication. Existence says the thrift store is not what it was 20 years ago.

Very clean, they're very organized. They're stocked just like retail stores are. They have new product that's brought in, she says.

The big payoff is evident in her receipts. She's still calculating how much she's saved in the last year.

Thousands. Absolutely thousands, she says.

Existence says she likes helping the environment by reusing merchandise, along with giving money to a non-profit that helps others train for jobs.

Existence has been keeping a blog about her progress. It's called Living the Goodwill Life.

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