SEATTLE, Wash. -- I just gave PopCap the ideas, Owain said, and they made it happen from there.

Listen to Owain Weinert speak and you'd swear there's a 30-year-old somewhere inside that 10-year-old relaxing on the family room sofa.

Every cloud has asilver lining, he said. Cancer's a pretty big cloud, but the more cloudthere is, the more silver lining too.

Owain might be considered Seattle s latest mobile app developer.With the help of PopCap Games and the Make-a-Wish-Foundation, Weinert, who is battling pre-B Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, released a new iOS game Thursday.

The game, Allied Star Police, is now free to download on the Apple App Store.

PopCap Games 4th & Battery division was very impressed with the fourth grader's energy and passion.

He's coming to us with a PowerPoint [when]he came in the first day, saidPopCap executive producer Tysen Henderson. He had a laser penhe was pointing on the wall... detailed descriptions... back stories of the main characters, everything, pretty impressive to see.

I don't think they were expecting that, but they rose to the challenge, said Heather Weinert, Owain's mother.

PopCap said the idea all along was the see the game from concept to store, and after seeing how fun the game could be, they decided to spend more time fine-tuning the gameplay, with the help of Owain.

We had to take his gargantuan idea, which we only had a week to made, and then we got the blessing to make it over three months, Henderson said.

Ultimately, Owain said he sees the game not only as a galactic battle of humans versus aliens, but as an analogy for his own battle against leukemia, which is currently in remission.

I think it was my subconscious, he said.

The cancer invades your body and you fight it off then you get halfway through your treatment, and it gets harder, he said And at the very end there's going to be that last little concentration.

You can find on Owain's story on Crushkidscancer.org

PopCap'sintroduction to Allied Star Police

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