KENMORE, Wash. -- Many students have traveled from Kenmore's Bastyr University to Haiti to help treat the victims of last year's earthquake, but for a few, it's very personal.

Dr. Sabine Thomas lost a cousin in the rubble of a school there and has family members still trying to recover. She and other students organized a candlelight vigil Wednesday night to keep the memory of what happened there and the challenges ahead for Haiti.

Student Nathalie Guillaume also has family there and her part of the vigil is the construction of a small, blue tarp campsite in a corner of the Bastyr entrance. She says it is a graphic example of how her family and thousands of others live.

There's just a whole bunch of this stuff happening and this is where people are living with their entire families, said Guillaume, I mean, this is what people are living in who are going to work, people who are making the world function, who work at the bank or whatever, are living in these conditions.

Guillaume said Google satellite images of Haiti still show large islands of blue that are the tarp cities that dot the devastated countryside. She and Thomas want people to come by, hear their stories, enjoy some Haitian food and think about the future of the the country.

The Candlelight vigil begins at 6:30 p.m. at the chapel on the Bastyr Campus in Kenmore.

For more information, you can e-mail Dr. Thomas here.

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