ARLINGTON, WA. -- Thanksgiving morning snow had the Washington State Patrol dealing with dozens of accidents on the roads.

The gradual warm up helped to clear roads, but slushmade things slick just as the roads filled up with holiday travelers.

We're seeing that collisions are starting to pick up as the weather gets a little bit warmer which is going to cause the slush, said Trooper T.J. Crane.

One accident in Snohomish County was caused when a driver on northbound I-5 lost control in the slush and slid off the road into a power pole.

The driver walked away from the accident but Crane said that proves many people are not paying attention to the conditions.

We just need to slow down and realize that the slush might pull you to the left or the right, he said.

The Washington State Department of Transportation reported crews were out all night and throughout today. Most Puget Soundfreeways are bare and wet, but drivers should still use caution, particularly on ramps, overpasses, bridges and curves.

John Halldrove from Auburn to Bellingham for Thanksgiving dinner and pulled over at a rest stop near Arlington to get out of the traffic for a while.

I've got pretty good tires and 4-wheel drive so I think im okay, he said. I just try to stay out of everybody else's way.

Temperatures are expected to be in the 30s for much of the area overnight. Troopers cautioned some wet roads may become icy.

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