ISSAQUAH, Wash. -- A large piece of plywood covers a problem next to the entrance of Lake Sammamish State Park.

A woman almost stepped right into this while walking along the other day, said Park Manager Rick Benson, as he lifted up the plywood revealing a giant hole.

The hole and one just like it a few yards away are the work of beavers who've also been busy chewing down trees and building dams on the small creek that runs through the park.

Benson likes having wild animals like beavers around, buthe's asking for permission to bring in a trapper this time. He explained the beavers are digging dens under the roadway that could cause it to collapse or have someone fall in and get seriously injured.

The holes, around three feet deep and several feet wide, are enough to cause serious injury. And there's another problem that goes beyond the park. Issaquah city leaders are worried their dams will back up area creeks and cause overflows in areas that are already prone to flooding.

If permission is granted for trapping, Benson said he will hire experts to capture and relocate at least some of the beavers.

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