TACOMA, Wash. Pierce County sheriff's detectives say they have recovered the ring that was advertised on Craigslist which led to a deadly robbery in Edgewood, Wash. last month.

Police say Jim Sanders was shot and killed April 28 while trying to protect his family during the robbery.

Pierce County sheriff's spokesperson Det. Lynelle Anderson said the ring was recovered Monday from a pawn shop in San Francisco. It was the same shop where police recovered the wedding ring of Charlene Sanders, Jim's widow.

Also Wednesday, detectives say they recovered a gun used during the robbery and an item stolen from the home. Detectives served search warrants at a business called Car Tunz in Lakewood and at the home of a Car Tunz employee in Tacoma.

Detectives say one of the suspects in the murder led them to believe that the gun and the stolen property were sold to Car Tunz employees. Detectives say it's too early to know if the weapon recovered was the one used to kill Jim Sanders. They also would not identify the stolen item that they recovered.

Clabon Berniard, 23; Kiyoshi Higashi, 22; Amanda Knight, 21; and Joshua Reese, 20 are all charged with murder, assault, robbery and burglary. Detectives say they believe Higashi was the one who pulled the trigger, killing Jim Sanders.

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