A new year means a new star - a chance for a clean slate, right? It's not always easy since your bills from '09 follow you into 2010. A recent survey shows half of those asked say they're suffering debt-related stress..

Brett Rudolph left his job to pursue a masters degree, but like many, he's discouraged with the current job market. He 'was' banking on bigger things, but is looking at a pile of debt.

Emotionally, you know there are days I just don't want to deal with it, Rudolph said.

He's not alone. A recent poll shows half of those asked feel debt related stress. 22-percent say they feel it greatly.

Credit expert Gerri Detweiler says it's easy to feel low when your debt is high.

When someone comes to me and they're dealing with debt one of the first questions I ask them is, 'How are you feeling?' because a lot of times until you get a handle on those physical or psychological symptoms it's tough to dig your way out of debt, Detweiler said.

Brett says debt can be overwhelming.

There are days I just want to go home and you know, not worry about it, not get out of bed, not talk to people at work, not do my job, not smile, he said.

One third of all Americans say they're losing sleep over the economy and personal finances.

Detweiler, a financial counselor, says he sees the signs all too often.

You may find yourself fighting with your spouse. You may find yourself not sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time. You may have headaches or may feel irritable or even have back aches or muscle aches. Those can all be symptoms of depression that can be treated.

Detweiler says don't isolate yourself..and don't wait to get financial help.

Most people wait far too long to get help, so you can get help with both the financial problems you're dealing with often at no cost or very little cost, as well as the psychological or physical problems you may be experiencing, says Detweiler.

Detweiler says it's also important to give yourself some perspective.

It's very tough when you're going through financial problems but at the same time, it's those tough times that usually make us stronger and more resilient so if you can get through it you probably will emerge it a stronger person, he says/

When it comes to finances information is power. Many financial counselors recommend you track your spending with computer programs -- once you know exactly what you spend you'll be in better shape to save and get ahead.

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