One of the best parts of the holiday season is seeing all the beautiful lights that go up around town and in neighborhoods. Lighting expert Joel Smith from Puget Sound Energy explains how we can light up the holidays but still save money and energy.

The Philips Hue personal wireless lighting starter pack can be found at Amazon or Apple. You can download the Hue app from iTunes.

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For a fun lighting project, Nia and Scott Sayers, winners of PSE's Re-Energized by Design contest, demonstrate an easy and affordable DIYproject.

DIY Demonstration
Quick tips on how to make your own DIY Mason jar lamp this season:

Wide-mouth mason jar with lid and ring (32 oz jar works best)
3-socket fixture with ring (Available at IKEA)
Pen, pencil, or marker
Hammer and a nail
Tin snips*
*Available at hardware stores.


1) Put the lid and ring onto the jar.
2) Trace the socket onto the outer surface of the lid.
3) Using the hammer and nail, punch a hole in the middle of the lid to give the tin snips an entry point.
4) With tin snips, cut along the outline of the socket.
5) Remove the circle cut-out.
6) Insert the socket into the hole.
7) Secure the socket with the ring.
The light fixture is ready for the bulb. The final step is screwing the jar onto the lid.

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