Storms moving through Western Washington on Saturday brought lightning, heavy rain and hail. Lightning hit trees in the Fremont and Green Lake neighborhoods, in one case sparking a garage fire.

No injuries were reported.

Thunderstorms rolled through the Puget Sound area throughout the morning, bringing heavy showers and hail as large as marbles to some areas.

A quarter inch of hail was reported near Kirkland at about 8:35 a.m.

Power was knocked out in northeast Seattle and crews worked to replace 24 transformers damaged by lightning.

I want to go on vacation! I m trying to go on vacation and I can t do anything, Eric Paulus said.

Paulus owns Eric's Garage automotive service. Due to the power outages, he fell 4 hours behind on payroll and paperwork.

His shop lost power at 9:30 Saturday morning and stayed that way for 8 hours.

Not much I could do, Paulus said. I don t have any power, I don t have any internet. I don t have any air.

Across the street, in both directions, signs turned customers away from restaurants as crews worked to restore power to nearly 2,000 homes and businesses.

We have no power and we just sent away an 8-top, a 6-top and a 4-top, Sarah Penn said.

Penn owns Frank's, a restaurant on 55th St NE in the Bryant neighborhood. She estimates they lost thousands of dollars in revenue.

Penn was finally able to take down their closed signs around 6PM after the longest power outage they've ever had.

Are we just going to cut our losses? Are we gonna wait around a while? Is it gonna come back on? If it comes back on, are we gonna do the full menu? she said.

Questions she didn't think they'd need to ask on a mostly sunny day.

The Okanogan County Sheriff reported lightning strikes and winds of 40-50 mph.

Trees and wires were down on some of the major roads, including Highway 20 and Twin Lakes Rd.

Lightning caused several new fires, the largest is the Little Bridge Creek Fire, which was burning in steep terrain. No homes are threatened.

The disturbance producing the thundershowers will pull more ocean air inland Sunday, said KING 5 Meteorologist Mary Lee.

That will lead to more widespread low morning clouds, she said.

Temperatures will be mostly in the upper 70s to low 80s.

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