PORT ORCHARD, Wash. The third-grader shot in a Bremerton classroom in 2012 will receive $1.2 million in a court settlement.

The Bremerton School District agreed to pay $900,000 to Amina Bowman s family.

The family will receive $300,000 from Douglas Bauer, the owner of the gun used in the shooting.

Bowman was a nine-year-old at Bremerton s Armin Jahr Elementary school in February of 2012. An eight-year-old classmate brought a gun to school in his backpack. The gun belonged to his mother s boyfriend.

It went off while in the backpack. A bullet hit Bowman in the stomach. Her attorney said the girl almost died.

Bowman, who is now 11, still suffers from anxiety and will have medical and emotional support needs the rest of her life, said her attorney Jeff Campiche.

Campiche also said Bowman cannot have a child of her own, due to the gunshot wound.

Bowman s parents threatened to sue the district saying the school did not do enough to protect the safety of the students. Campiche said seven of the 21 students in the classroom knew the boy was talking about bringing a gun to campus.

The boy said he went to the principal and his teacher complaining about bullying, but nothing was done.

School should be the safest place, other than a child s home, said Amina s father, John Bowman, Unfortunately it s not.

Amina s parents said no amount of money will make up for the pain suffered by the family. They said they hoped the lawsuit would make schools take more precautions when it comes to weapons and bullies.

A district spokesperson said no policies were changed as a result of the shooting. The spokesperson would not answer specific questions about the student who brought the gun to school.

The spokesperson released this written statement from Superintendent Aaron Leavell:

The District is very pleased that a settlement has been reached in this case. We look forward to moving ahead for the families and staff involved. This real life example demonstrates how important safety drills are so we are prepared to respond quickly when unpredictable events happen. Because of these drills, every student and staff member acted calmly, professionally and did their jobs admirably. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to the family and Amina for her continued recovery. ING 5's Drew Mikkelsen attended the court proceedings and tweeted out the latest developments:

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