A former Army soldier is set to receive the Medal of Honor at a ceremony in Washington D.C. Monday. Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts is credited with heroic efforts during the Battle of Wanat, in an outpost in a rugged corner of Afghanistan in 2008.

But Pitts refused to accept the honor without the presence of his fellow soldiers and their families.

Corporal Jason Bogar was one of the soldiers who survived the initial firefight with Taliban fighters. But as casualties mounted, Bogar ran into enemy fire to protect his comrades, even returning into the bunker to render aide to the other injured soldiers.

Soon after, Bogar was shot and killed himself. Nine soldiers were killed and 27 were wounded.

That brave person is a part of who he was, said Bogar's mother, Carlene Cross. Cross is among those who will be present at the Medal of Honor ceremony.

She is there to share the honor at Pitts request.

He said this is as much for the rest of the team members as it is for me. He said, I'm just the caretaker of this medal, said Cross. I think it s incredibly generous of him.

The battle of Wanat is one of the most deadly and controversial battles of the war in Afghanistan. Decisions made by commanders are blamed for putting the platoon in harm s way despite intelligence suggesting the risk of an ambush situation.

Pitts will be the 11th post-9/11 service member to be presented the Medal of Honor from President Barack Obama. Nine of the awards have gone to living recipients.

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