The 12th Man petitioned and EA Sports listened. The makers of Madden NFL 15 heard Seahawks fans wanted the Legion of Boom (LOB) on the cover with Richard Sherman. So they're making a compromise.

They will feature the LOBon the start screen. Typically, they put the cover art on the start screen. But that's changed thanks to 12th Man's passion and persistance in asking for the LOBon the cover. Today, EASports sent out this on-line update announcing the change.

They would have considered possibly putting the LOBon the cover, but this year's Madden NFL15 vote was a little later than usual and they ran out of time. EASports had to do the photo shoot almost immediately after the winner was announced. That didn't leave any time for the 12th Man's voice to heard in time to make a change.

So the fan base that set a world record for loudest stadium is being heard, in a big way, again.

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