TACOMA-- After hinting at it for weeks, Uber has launched its ridesharing service in south Puget Sound.

We have already completed thousands of trips between Seattle and Tacoma already, said Brooke Steger, General Manager for Uber Seattle/Tacoma.

The company's arrival in Tacoma, however, comes with mixed reaction.

I worked in Seattle for a while; Seattle is a Taxi City, but Tacoma is not, said Sergio Anastasio, the general manager for Fort Lewis Taxi, which is based in Lakewood.

Anastasio fears that because cab companies are more heavily regulated, they won't be on even playing ground as ride sharing companies. He also doesn't feel there's enough business to go around.

I don't think the potential is here, said Anastasio If you're looking for money -- keep going.

Dave McNulty, who's also a taxi driver in Seattle, doesn't see it that way. It's why he'll be an Uber driver in Tacoma.

I don't think that the taxi industry has anything to worry about because Uber clients are a whole different customer, said McNulty.

Though not regulated the same as cab companies, the City of Tacoma said the ride sharing companies must register for licenses.

The rideshare company Lyft has just announced it will be launching in Tacoma next week with its unique look, which is a pink mustache parade that will take place next Friday.

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