The impact sent Bonnie and Joe Duran spinning into a ditch just before the massive truck plowed head-on into a bus full of high school students.

Our friends keep saying, God s not done with you yet, Joe said, leaning over to hug his 10-month old granddaughter, Rilynn. We know that.

The couple was returning from vacation, driving through a rural part of California on their way back to Washington.

A FedEx truck heading southbound on I-5 veered across the median and hit Bonnie s driver side, then pummeled into a bus taking high school students on a college tour of Humboldt State University. The explosion that followed killed 10 people, including 5 students, and injured 30 others.

Bonnie and Joe walked away uninjured.

I keep telling all my friends, It was literally one foot and an angel that separated them from death, their daughter Amy Birk said. I really, truly believe it was a miracle.

According to Bonnie, the FedEx truck was already on fire when it barreled toward them.

There were just flames coming out of the bottom of the truck on both sides behind the cab, Bonnie remembered.

She had a split-second to make a decision that saved their lives, swerving just enough to miss a direct impact.

As we were spinning around, I didn t know if we were going to hit any other cars, Bonnie said. I just felt peace and knew it was going to be OK, whatever happened.

Bonnie and Joe call the experience life-changing, and already have plans to live dreams they ve been delaying. Joe plans to fly an airplane. Bonnie wants to spend more time with family.

The couple huddled with their children and grandchild in prayer beside baggage claim, with tears in their eyes.

Thank you, Jesus, Joe said.

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