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Five months after she was seriously injured when fire destroyed her Bellevue home, Ellie the cat has recovered from her injuries, mom Cassie Howard reports.

On Nov. 5, Cassie s apartment was one of 10 destroyed in a fire at the Hampton Greens. An 87-year-old woman died from injuries she suffered escaping the flames.

After the fire was put out, firefighters found Ellie huddled under a bed. She suffered burns and had respiratory issues.

It took a month for four out of the five major burns Ellie suffered to heal. Vets had to remove muscle tissue from one of Ellie's front legs because the burns were so severe.

Ellie finished all of her treatments at the end of January.

Cassie says she has been doing at-home physical therapy with Ellie, which includes massage.

She does have some permanent mobility problems in her front left paw, plus her toes all healed together from the burn on the paw, she said.

But, she said, Ellie is able to run, jump and climb again.

So life is good for her, she says.

Cassie lost everything in the fire, but was so happy that little Ellie survived. The two are in a new apartment and doing well.

When news about Ellie spread via social media, donations poured in to help with the vet bills.

People have been very generous and kind, she said.

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