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Governor Jay Inslee was back in Darrington on Tuesday, but he wasn't there to visit the site of the landslide. Instead, he attended a high school baseball game.

At the community meeting Monday night in Darrington, folks were encouraged to come out to the high school to support the team and the town, and not even the rain could keep people away.

The game against Lummi started at about 3 p.m. on a field lined with the yellow ribbons that have become such a symbol of hope here, over the last couple of weeks.

Nearly everyone in the crowd knows someone who lost their life in the landslide. It is a loss that is very personal to the people of Darrington and yet at the same time they are all trying to find some sense of normalcy in their lives.

That's what the baseball game was about, and that's why Governor Jay Inslee wanted to be here, and be a part of that.

You know, there s a lot of inspiring things that have happened here, along with the grief the last two weeks, and these young guys are inspiring, said Inslee. They re out starting spring and it is spring today in Darrington. It is a moment of inspiration and I wanted to be out here to support it.

Two of the players on the team lost their homes in the landslide and might have been inside those homes when the slide hit, but they were traveling to Tacoma for a game the morning the slide hit.

Parents in the stands said Darrington may never fully heal from what's happened but this is a step in the right direction, and a step towards restoring a sense of normalcy for the kids in this community.

I needed it, said Suzette Russell. We buried four of ours on Sunday so it s kinda set in and I m glad we have a game today. The kids are struggling more than I realized.

Darrington won the game, 7-3. It was a win the community desperately needed.

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