Freeskier and silver medalist Gus Kenworthy has been reunited with the pups and mother dog that he helped rescue while at the Sochi Olympics.


The dogs were living underneath a media tent at the Olympics village.

Gus and photographer, friend Robin Macdonald partnered with Humane Society International to get the dogs out of Russia and to the U.S. to be placed in adoptive homes.

Gus said it was hard for him to leave Jake, Stryder, Mishka and their mom when he left Russia, but Robin stayed behind to bring the dogs back to the U.S.

He stayed an extra month almost and made sure they were able to come home, he said.

The dogs were saved from almost certain doom during the city s campaign to rid itself of street dogs ahead of the Olympic Games, said Kitty Block, vice president of Humane Society International. We know the dogs are now in the safe, loving hands of Gus and wish them a lifetime of happiness in their new home.

HSI says millions of stray dogs roam the streets worldwide and too often, governments deal with this overpopulation through cruel means such as poisoning, electrocution and shooting.

HSI says they have done street dog work in Bhutan, India, the Philippines, and other nations in Asia. They say in the months before the Olympics, they offered to develop similar plans for Sochi, as an alternative to round-up and killing or direct poisoning or shooting of the dogs.

They have called on the International Olympic Committee to consider humane values when it is selecting host cities and nations in the future.

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