TACOMA, Wash. -- One by one they filed in. Their uniform: fresh curls and high heels. They are the military but in ranks rarely seen. They are military wives.

We still have dishes at home but not for us to do tonight. It s nice to let your hair down, said Janina Olson.

For Olson and the hundred women who packed Tacoma s Hotel Moreno Friday night, it was a night to take a break; a break from working a full time job, managing four kids, worrying about a husband who s been on five tours of duty.

It s nice to feel special, it s nice to know someone is realizing what we re doing, said Olson.

The national non-profit Operation Homefront threw the dinner party, a small but important way to say thank you to the wives of JBLM.

What we go through is pretty unique. Just being able to talk to each other is a really big help. Not a lot of people understand, said military wife Michelle Yi.

Janelle Mock, 31, is 16 weeks pregnant with her fourth baby.

He s training in Alabama right now. He s coming home for a 5-6 day window and that s when we ll go in for an ultrasound, she said.

Mock has moved eight times in ten years and what s ahead will be her toughest mission yet.

He will be leaving when I m about 4-5 months pregnant and this is the first time having a baby where we ll be apart.

And yet if you ask her, she wouldn't trade it for anything. None of them would. These wives have a duty too and they serve with honor.

To learn more about a support group for wives and other family who care for their injured veteran love one click here.

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