HAZEL DELL, Wash. -- A three-alarm fire broke out at a Hazel Dell apartment complex Sunday morning.

A building at the Bridge Creek Apartments at 9211 N.E. 15th Avenue, three-story, multi-building complex, caught fire shortly before 5:12 a.m. Sunday.

Despite the fact that the building was equipped with fire sprinklers, 18 units caught fire.

When flames burst through the 3rd floor roof, apartment residents started evacuating the building.

Tiffany Alziebler and her boyfriend escaped minutes before fire consumed her apartment.

I lost everything, Alziebler said. Every important document, every picture, except what I have on and my cat.

One woman was momentarily trapped on a third floor balcony until she was rescued by fire crews. She was carried down a ladder to safety as residents watched.

Genevieve Fisher said her neighbors woke her up and told her to evacuate.

I grabbed the girls and ran outside, Fisher said. I looked outside and the whole building was consumed in fire.

The flames were quickly put out and all residents and pets in the endangered apartments were evacuated safely. The Vancouver Fire Department was conducting mop-up and investigative operations by 7 a.m.

The Red Cross arrived on the scene and provided food for the residents. Some of the displaced occupants stayed at a Red Cross shelter Sunday night.

About 70 people lost their belongings.

Many of the displaced residents didn't have renter's insurance. While, Alziebler does, she used it in December when burst pipes flooded her apartment.

I just finished replacing everything from the flood and now I have a fire, Alzieber said.

The cause of the fire was still under investigation.


Wayne Havrelly contributed to this report

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