OLYMPIA, Wash. -- His father died less than a month ago, and now thieves have taken away an Olympia man's biggest comfort: a one-of-a-kind 1979 El Camino, in perfect condition after it was rebuilt by his dad.

John Conner says the car was a lot like a family heirloom.

It was my dad's passion, hot rods were my dad's passion, he said. The more you look at it, the more you really start seeing that there wasn't a part of it that was untouched.

His dad, 72-year-old Bob Conner, often told John he wanted his five-year-old grandson to be able to drive the El Camino one day.

Bob passed away in February, and the entire family was still coping with his death.

He had fallen a couple times and had in-home care, and they found him on the floor one morning , he went into the hospital, and a couple days later he passed away, said John.

John had been working on licensing the car, kept in his father's garage, so that he could move it to his own house. He never got that chance.

Olympia Police called and told me someone had broken into the house, he said. And the officer had asked how many cars were in the garage and I said two, why? And he said, there's only one now.

For John, it was devastating.

That's my dad. That's a piece of my dad,and I want it back, he said.

He shared pictures of the car on Facebook and with KING5, in hopes that someone will spot the very memorable vehicle before the thieves start selling off its parts.

He says the Camino is extremely loud, and would've turned heads as it left the neighborhood.

The thieves somehow disabled the alarm at his father's house, then broke a window, entered through the home, and went into the garage. Nothing else was taken from the house, except a few car-related tools.

If you have seen the car, or have any information that could help locate it, you are asked to call Olympia Police.

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