Seattle Mayor Ed Murray responded to his critics after his office sent out a news release mourning the death of a man, who isn t dead.

The mayor s press secretary had to issue a correction after she announced the mayor s sadness at the death of Jim Diers.

But Diers is alive.

I m alive. Feeling great. It feels good, the city s former Director of Neighborhoods told KING 5.

The man who died is labor activist Joe Dear.

Joe, who passed away, was a neighbor of mine in Olympia. Jim Diers is a good friend. Said Murray. It s a mistake. It s an embarrassment and occasionally we re going to get it wrong.

There are more bloopers at City Hall.

Bertha Knight Landes, the city s first woman mayor, elected in 1926, was so determined, WSDOT named the giant tunnel boring machine after her.

But her name is spelled wrong in the City Hall lobby. Instead, it s spelled, Bertha night Landes.

And earlier this week, the sign for Council Member Bruce Harrell was spelled wrong too.

We need a spell check at City Hall laughed political analyst Joni Balter.

The mayor chimed in.

It s a conspiracy, said Murray. Someone s going around and changing the letters on the names at City Hall.

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