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REDMOND, Wash. -- From the outside, all you see are the swooping sides of a giant tent set up in a corner of Marymoor Park. But the inside looks like it's from another world -- a world of horses, riders and high-tech theatrical effects. It's the traveling show Odysseo produced by Cavalia. Artistic Equestrian Operations Director Marc Olivier Leprohon said, The experience is one of a kind. We have 66 horses and 52 artists performing on a multimedia platform.

The show is performed in the Big Top, the world's largest touring tent. It is 125 feet high and the size of a 10-story building. The set includes 10,000 tons of material brought in for the floor and to build a mountain. An underground water system surrounds the stage to flood the floor with 80,000 gallons of water for the grand finale. It is a spectacular sight to watch the trained, purebred horses as they splash through the water and perform with the live music, Leprohon said.

The horses are the stars of the show. Odysseo features 66 horse of 11 different breeds. The horses are kept in special stalls nearby with trainers on hand. Rider and Aerobatist Kamilla Ganclarska said, We love our horses; their care is the most important part of this show. In between runs, the horses are taken to pastures to rest for two weeks at a time.

Odysseo will be on stage from now until March 16. Prices start at $34.50 and go as high as $249.50 for VIP tickets.

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