SEATTLE -- It's a sad statistic, but the typical customer spends as long as 20 minutes on average trying to connect with a customer service agent that can actually solve their problem.

In my continued search to find the best websites to save you time and money, today one link could forever change your phone life.

If you're like me, calling your phone, cable, satellite, utility company is usually a painful experience.

Hold times can be anywhere from 2 to 20 minutes (sometimes worse), and I'd rather be doing something else. Now you can, thanks to the unification of two of my favorite websites (Lucy and Get Human joined forces in the past few months).

Today's completely free website solves two issues, while saving you both time and money.

Enter the company you want to call and the site finds that number for you (acting like a free 4-1-1 essentially). It gives you telephone codes to bypass that company's phone tree, alongside with the estimated amount of time you'll spend on hold.

Don't want to wait on hold?

Enter your phone number and Get Human will call the company you're trying to reach, wait on hold for you and then call you back once it gets someone on the line.

Out of dozens of tests, this website performs brilliantly. You're saving time (and your time is money) as well as cutting down on valuable cell minutes stuck on hold.

This is another website I can't live without. Click here and get a human!

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