Margie Williams is feeling burned after a scary incident with her Kenmore oven left her with a big mess and little help.

I heard a noise so I came back and I came out here and there was glass everywhere on my kitchen floor, just everywhere, said Williams.

It was the glass from the oven door that had shattered while she was baking. The oven was just a couple years old. Margie thought the company would stand behind its product. So she called Sears, the owner of the Kenmore brand.

I feel it should be replaced because it's a freakish thing. It's not nothing I've done, said Williams.

Sears wouldn't help her because the oven is out of warranty and Margie doesn't have an extended service agreement. So the nearly $400 repair is on her. That's when Margie contacted me. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission database, this kind of thing happens. In fact, Kenmore has a growing number of this type of complaint. In 2011, there were 19 complaints, another 43 in 2012 and more than 62 last year. Some customers even reported the glass shattering when the oven wasn't even on.

In a statement, Sears tells me

Although infrequent, glass used in oven doors may break.

It never mentions a product failure instead it points to the user as the possible cause saying,

Damage can be caused by using the door to push in an oven rack or an object striking the glass.

The Safety Commission says Margie's oven glass responded like it was supposed to - breaking into nuggets instead of shards. It says recalls on shattered glass are difficult because it can be hard to find a cause. However, it monitors complaints in case there is a trend.

Bottom line - check the Safety Commission's database for reports on product's safety, reliability and overall performance. Because it's all information you should know before you buy.

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