SNOQUALMIE PASS- It is a sport known for high-flying tricks and big jumps. Young snowboarders are now learning the fundamentals of slopestyle, which is making its Olympic debut in Sochi.

It's like starting new and having new challenges that you never really thought about while snowboarding, said snowboarder Max Jantos.

Coach Jesse Rorvig teaches the snowboarding class at the Summit at Snoqualmie. Rorvig shows the kids how to land new tricks on a small course, which includes ramps and obstacles.

You'll see a lot of the elements you'll see in the slopestyle competition in the Olympics, said Rorvig.

The kids are all under the age of 12, but have several years of experience on the slopes. Rorvig believes the Winter Olympics could draw more kids to the sport.

Ultimately I'd love to see them just continue to love the sport and enjoy it for a lifetime, said Rorvig.

Slopestyle is one of 10 snowboarding events in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Snowboarding made its Olympic debut in 1998.

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