A close look at the lime green house adorned with 12th man trinkets tells you this owner is serious about the Seahawks.

These earrings I've had them for 30 some years and when I'm really desperate for a win, they work, said Marjorie Stockham.

Stockham s passion for the Hawks is almost as old as the team. It started in 1979 with an ushering job at the Kingdome, back in the days of Jim Zorn.

The Seahawks, on the second level, right in front of me. I got to see everything, said Stockham.

Three decades later the experience continues. She's the gatekeeper at Century Link's club level. Stockham s the Richard Sherman of crowd control.

They wait for a big crowd to come in and they swoosh around the side but I've always got them. I hang onto 'em too! exclaimed Stockham.

Stockham s family launched a Facebook campaign called Send Grandma to the Super Bowl. Her son's hope is if enough people see it, his mother's dream would come true.

Nobody's responded yet, explained Stockham. The likes have come in, yeah. But no super bowl ticket. No airline ticket.

But that s about to change. Ticketmaster asked me to help find the Seahawks' biggest fan and when I heard Marge's story, I knew she was the one.

We are thrilled to be sending you and a guest complete with airfare and accommodations to watch our boys play in this big game next week, David Willis with Ticketmaster told Stockham.

Marjorie's daughter Robin Carolus will also head to the big game.

She is the ultra fan. Players who have called her mom for years, just everything. It's part of who she is. Being a sports fan is part of who she is, said Carolus.

So Marge, this Sunday your only job will be to put your passion to work and root our team to on to the ultimate victory.

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