SEATTLE -- Michael Wansley is a two-time Grammy winner for his role in Macklemore's chart-topper, "Thrift Shop."

For Wansley the ode to thrifty shopping is autobiographical.

Wansley said, "Everyone asks, 'Do, do you really shop at a thrift shop?' and I'm like, 'yeah'."

For instance, take the wardrobe he's wearing in that music video.

"The black hat, and the shirt, I got the day before at a thrift shop," Wansley said.

As a single dad to two sons, he had to stretch a penny or two before musical stardom came calling.

His bargain hunting bullet points? First, check the brand.

"You know a good thrift buy if you recognize the label," pointed out Wansley.

Second, confirm the condition.

"And then all you do is look at the seams to see how well it's worn", he said.

Third, set a price in your mind and then look at how much it is.

Wansley said, "One man's trash is another man's come-up."

The world's best-dressed pop star says thrifting will especially save you a bundle on accessories.

Wansley said, "A good place to shop for cuff links. just sayin'!"

Follow those simple rules, and you'll be poppin' tags like a pop idol.

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