SEATTLE - The steep pattern in the jet stream that's kept Washington State dryer than normal and the eastern half of the country much snowier and colder may last another two weeks according to the state's assistant climatologist.

Once we get into these ridge patterns over the West Coast, they're really hard to break down. It's one of the most persistent forecasts that you can get, said Karin Bumbaco from her office on the University of Washington campus.

That ridge is one of high pressure that's contributed to summer like wildfire conditions in California and resulted in the normally wet October through December time frame in Washington to go into the record books as the second driest.

What that means for the Super Bowl is that the risk from snow and cold is still there. On Wednesday inside Metlife Stadium, grounds crews were busy clearing the field and seats from snow, as a practice run for Super Bowl Sunday if that becomes necessary, says the NFL.

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