SEATTLE - The conflict can be seen even before you step foot inside onePioneer Square establishment.The sign on the door tells customers it is a New Orleans Creole Restaurant, but the neon lights in the window shine for the Seahawks.

We are a Seahawks hangout, and weare a Saints hangout, said owner Dean Haugen, who added thathe is rooting for one team. It has got to be the Seahawks.

Inside Haugen's bar you find a battle. In one cornerEarnie Berton, the Louisiana native who now calls Seattle home, said she has no love for the Saints or Quarterback Drew Brees.

That's why the wind is blowing here in Seattle because we are going to blowBrees right on out, said Berton.

However, Saints Super Fan Tommy Hebert is not intimidated.

We are the Saints and guess what we do, Who Dat, shouted Hebert.

After he ledsome bar patrons in the chant,Bertonbelted out a tune.

Oh, when the Saints... oh, when the Saints...oh, when the Saints gomarching OUT, she sang.

While the bar is divided, rival fans still offered some compliments.

Russell Wilson is a tough one to beat, admitted Saints fan Ronda Flower of New Orleans.

The Saints have good fans. I will give them that for sure,but there is nothing like the 12th man, said Grant Johnston, a Seahawks fan from Canada.

Some Seahawks fans bragged about the last time the Saints visited and lost 34-7. Saints fans mentioned the same defeat, but said it will motivate their team to prove something on Saturday.

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