After years of court appeals and avoiding fines, one of Seattle's most infamous landlords may finally have to pay up.

Hugh Sisley's bill with the city has been climbing for years over derelict properties and countless code violations in the Roosevelt neighborhood in North Seattle.

Sisley owns dozens of properties in the area around Roosevelt High School. Many, if not most, have fallen into disrepair. And despite court cases and code violations, the city hasn't seen a dime. But that may soon change.

Right now, Sisley owes the city $2.1 million, and that s growing by the day. Interest and fines have accumulated for years as the appeals continued.

The city attorney's office has resisted formal collection. But on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Pete Holmes says they're tired of waiting, and see Sisley's legal options running out.

Sisley still believes the city attorney is in the wrong.

They're dirty and that's all there is to it, he told KING 5 News.

Sisley and the city have long been at odds over zoning restrictions.

The city is not being specific about what formal collection looks like, but higher fines and foreclosure are possibilities.

In the meantime, Sisley's latest appeal will be heard this month.

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