One third of all Americans are obese, but one state consistently defies that trend: Colorado. What's their secret? Researchers studied lean folks in Colorado and published their findings in a new book, The State of Slim.

Dr. Holly Wyatt, the book's author and Associate Director of the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the University of Colorado, Denver, says the key is to pay attention to portion control as a way to increase your metabolism.

We don't really manipulate it, said Dr. Wyatt. What I like to say is we optimize it.

Her advice is to eat often, but eat right. That means mini-meals every two-to-four hours. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. But the number one key to the mile high mindset is exercise.

Dr. Wyatt says that you should eventually devote 70 minutes a day to physical activity. So, if you are watching your child's soccer practice, do laps around the field or meet a friend for a walk instead of for dinner. And choose those friends wisely.

What we know is the people you hand around with tend to influence your behavior, said Wyatt.

Another plus for Coloradans: it's cold. Research shows keep ourselves too comfortable in the winter reduces the energy we expend to stay warm. So, turn down your thermostat to turn up your metabolism.

The State of Slim is now available is now available at book stores. If you follow the plan, which is based on science, the authors say you can lose 20 pounds in eight weeks.

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