After battling breast cancer and her bank, a Kirkland woman fights to keep her home.

They said if I missed one payment in three months they would take the house, said Sandy Furness.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Sandy Furness was forced to leave her flight attendant job. In the process of chemotherapy treatment, Furness spent her entire savings and emptied out her 401K. That s when the community stepped in.

If you want anything advertised, just tell a flight attendant, it goes worldwide, said Furness.

Up to $40,000 in donations came in from all over, the largest $20,000. Furness finally had enough for back payments, penalties and fees.

And then they wouldn t let me pay. I m at the bank and I m handing them the money and they said they can t take that, she said.

According to Furness, the bank finally did but after Social Security disability, she s still short $500 each month, with the threat of cancer coming back.

The biggest concern is that it lays dormant and can start growing at anytime, she said.

She plans to sell hand stitched crafts or find someone to help build a rental on her property to make up the difference.

I think I could bring in $500-$1,000 with it, said Furness.

The holidays are an important time of the year for Furness, who says there s only one thing on her wish list.

Being in my home is what I want the most, she said.

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