PORTLAND The holiday weekend that includes Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the busiest shopping the year. But which day offers the best deals different types of products? Experts say each of the three shopping days has its own featured categories and savvy shoppers can get the best deals by know what to buy when.

Feature writer for DealNews Marcy Bonebright crunched the numbers for the last two years and came up with an online definitive guide for the Christian Science Monitor this November.

T-off on Turkey Day


Thanksgiving Day is the best day for deals on smartphones, according to Bonebright's analysis. The one exception: If you are looking specifically for an iPhone, you re better off on shopping on Black Friday.

Here are four apps recommended by Forbes. You might also check out Amazon's Price Check for iPhone and Android.

DealNews claims Thanksgiving yields the best in-category offers on TVs. That means not just the best price on say, a Samsung TV, but the best price in the history of Samsung TV's.

You might think Cyber Monday would be good for video games, but according to Bonebright, Thursday has yielded 70 percent more deals than on Black Friday and 229 percent more deals than on Cyber Monday. Go figure.

Black Friday

Black Friday is still the biggest and the best in many people s view. You might think nothing could beat the excitement and immediate gratification of this shoppers' feeding frenzy. But ChainStoreAge drew up some infographics comparing shopper satisfaction with Cyber Monday. It might surprise you.

Still when it comes to bargains, Friday historically offers the best deals on:

Laptops and computers
For the last two years, DealNews has seen far more top deals offered on Black Friday. So the sheer volume of offers is better on Friday.

Storage devices
If you are hunting for a deal on hard drives, USB flash drives or memory cards, Black Friday offers more deals on these devices than either Thursday or Monday. Also look for 'day of' deals.

Kitchenware also tops the list of best deals to look for.

What not to buy on Black Friday:
Toys, game consoles, DSLR cameras, winter apparel, exercise equipment, jewelry and watches.

Cyber Monday

Some traditional brick-and-mortar shoppers may not be completely on board with this now well-established Internet tradition. For those who don t know the territory,WikiHow offers some tips.

DealNews concluded that, ironically, Cyber Monday is not the time to shop for technology.

Instead, the best deals are actually on clothing and shoes. Of course, clothing and shoes are harder to buy online because they are dependent on fit and appearance when worn. So be careful.

These key consumer categories should help focus your attack plan little before Shopeggedon hits.So good luck, happy hunting -- and remember to save your receipts.

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