SEATTLE -- The holidays can be a stressful time. Marriage and relationships can get even more strained this time of year packed with travel, spending and parties.

Doctors Les and Leslie Parrott are a husband and wife team who deal with relationships for a living.

The couple has written dozens of books, hold couples seminars across the country and teach at Seattle Pacific University. They say marriage is tough work, even for them.

Every counselor has someone coming into their office saying 'hey we lost that loving feeling.' What they mean is they don't have everything at a 10 out of 10 all the time. We're not supposed to, love is very very fluid, said Dr. Les Parrott, a clinical psychologist.

The doctors believe there are three important ingredients for romance that couples must cultivate:passion, intimacy and commitment.

Here's an easy tip and its works like magic and that is just cultivate laughing together. All of us just love those moments and that is so intimate, said Dr. Leslie Parrott, a marriage and family therapist.

We found some research that shows that if you do something novel on your date night, something you haven't done before it actually releases chemicals in your brain that makes it feel like you're following in love all over again. It's fascinating, said Dr. Les Parrott.

The doctors stress commitment is huge to saving a relationship, which ebbs and flows and is the natural part of life.

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