It seems to be all the 12th Man is talking about: the so-called Legion of Boom under fire for a different kind of hit.

The only thing that may take down the Seahawks, are the Seahawks, said former NFL quarterback Brock Huard on his ESPN radio show Tuesday morning.

Huard believes behind the scenes, the Seahawks are more proactive than most about dealing with drug use.

I think the Seahawks spend more money, more time, more resources, more people on staff than just about any in this league to combat this challenge, Huard said.

But he also says that Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider are willing to take risks on character.

They do that because they believe their culture and what they teach and what they preach and that whole culture in the locker room will handle this business, said Huard. And largely it does.

Yet according to Sports Illustrated, in the last three years, the Seahawks have had more players suspended for substance abuse policy violations than any other team.

But don't let the timing of these suspensions fool you.

The new penalties facing Walter Thurmond and possibly Brandon Browner may be for mistakes made months ago.

Some can be from training camp, said Hall of Fame sports writer John Clayton.

Clayton says even back then, the team took steps to prevent it.

This was addressed at the main mini-camp, and that's why leaders on the team like Michael Robinson, Coach Pete Carroll, came to all the players and said listen, if you do something like, this you are being very selfish you are hurting your teammates, said Clayton.

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