Occupy Seattle set up tents in downtown Seattle on Tuesday. They want to bring attention to a 3,000 person problem. That's the number of homeless people on the streets of King County each night.

The Occupy demonstrators will march Wednesday morning to a meeting of the Committee to end Homelessness in King County.

The director of King County Human Services knows they're coming. She says in the past eight years, 34,000 homeless have been helped.

We continue to have new people becoming homeless and now it s time to do even harder work, said Adrienne Quinn, Human Services Director.

But homeless advocate Sharon Lee says families and young adults are slipping through the cracks.

When you look at Seattle and how wealthy, how many corporate headquarters we have here, we should be ending homelessness in this great city, she said.

Newly elected Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant was scheduled to speak Tuesday night but she cancelled. Her aids say she was sick.

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