Every day like clockwork, Don Brittain checks the paper to see when the sun will set that night. The sunset is his cue to honor our veterans.

When the sun is going down, that s when I go to play, says the 79-year-old from Dash Point.

The retired Boeing worker plays his trumpet on his back porch. He plays the same 24 notes nightly.

Twenty-four notes, isn t that something?

He plays taps. Don says it s what he has to do.

Yeah, it gets me really choked up, he says.

Don never served in the military because he had polio as a kid.

You might say his nightly ritual is his way of serving veterans, says neighbor Elaine Baer.

Elaine and her husband Jim rarely miss a performance.

It s absolutely beautiful, says Jim.

All of it; the song, and the sunset, and this gift of 24 notes coming from Don Brittain s trumpet.

I love to do it, says Don.
We re really blessed to have him here with the sun, says neighbor Sunny Hanson.

This is kind of corny, says Jim Baer. But it s goosebumps.

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