MUKILTEO, Wash. -- Janet Enderud braces every time she sees a strong wave, or feels a strong gust.

I have those moments where my stomach churns inside, said the hostess at the Ivar's Restaurant on Mukilteo landing.

And on Thursday, the wind was howling once again.

The night of the storm kept running through my mind, she said.

Enderud was working that night, back in 2003, when the restaurant had an uninvited guest. Mother Nature forced customers to drop their drinks and dinner and run for cover as a rogue wave walloped the building.

The storm took out support columns, windows, a deck and washed away a custom built wooden carp.

Crews had to rebuild, and go fishing. They found it eleven days later and it now stands in the lobby of the refurnished restaurant, next to the painting which commemorates the event.

I used artistic license since the wave came up through the bottom, said Chris Hopkins, who crafted the picture and was an invited guest on Thursday for the 10-year anniversary of the event known by locals as the Ivar's Storm.

I'm an Ivar's Survivor, says Enderud. And I tell my guest that all the time.

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