Two fishermen came to the rescue when they saw an Orca whale get stranded on a rock.

The incident happened on Sept. 30 in Klakas Inlet on Prince of Wales Island in southeast Alaska.

Jason Vonick and Nick Segal said the whale was trying to catch a seal when it got stuck on the rocks at low tide. The two posted videos on YouTube showing their efforts to keep the whale cool and calm by splashing water on its back and fins.



Two whales swam nearby keeping an eye on their stuck friend.

They stayed be her side until she was freed, the fishermen wrote on YouTube. It was a little nerve wracking because we didn't know if the other whales knew we were trying to help or if they thought we may be hurting it.

With the water rising with the tide, Vonick and Segal were concerned that the whale might drown because it couldn't keep its blowhole above water.

When the tide came in she could not hold her head above water and started to drown and made terrible noises and began to panic. We immediately used the oars from our skiff to pry her off the rock into deep water.

On YouTube, Vonick said they didn't get video of the whale being freed because the situation got crazy real fast and no time to set up a camera.

Vonick and Segal spoke with the TV show Right This Minute about their experience.

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