With just a few days left for voters to mail in their ballots, a new issue cropped up in the race for Seattle mayor.

The Washington Post reported Thursday on donations by Comcast and CenturyLink to PACs supporting Ed Murray. The Post said broadband internet providers are backing Murray because they oppose mayor McGinn's proposal for a city provided high-speed internet network.

Announced last December, McGinn's Gigabit Seattle Project was aimed at providing faster internet speeds to certain city neighborhoods at a cheaper price than most broadband customers currently pay. The project, which includes the University of Washington, is not expected to begin service until early next year.

Comcast says its donations were not tied to the gigabit squared project. Murray has said he will honor any contracts gigabit Seattle enters into in the 12 initial neighborhoods where its service will be available.

In all, Comcast and other broadband interests gave $11,000 to Murray or PACs supporting his campaign.

Meanwhile, this year's mayor's race has become the most expensive in Seattle history. To date, McGinn and Murray have raised a combined $1.2 million, with Murray leading the mayor by $300,000.

Another $300,000 has been raised by PACs supporting the two candidates.

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