SEATTLE -- Seattle police are investigating a possible child abduction in West Seattle.

An elementary school student called 911 and reported seeing a white male in his 30s or 40s grabbing a young girl and putting her in the back of a big, silver pickup truck Thursday. The man was allegedly wearing a black shirt and blue pants.

School officials later said all of the students at Gatewood were accounted for, so no one was taken from the school.

Police were trying to determine whether this is a case of an overactive imagination or something worse. As a precaution, police swarmed the area around Gatewood Elementary School just before 1 p.m.

With a recent rash of school shootings across the country and a flasher on the loose in West Seattle, staff at the school couldn't help but fear the worst.

Every time we turn on the TV, there's something taking place, said Timothy Chambers, special education assistant. There is that instant fear factor. Who is it? It's now gonna be us.

Again, police aren't sure exactly what they have on their hands and are working to confirm an actual abduction took place, but it has an already tense community a little bit more on edge.

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