A sweet pup at Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond recently got a dire diagnosis but that isn't stopping him from making the best of the days he has left.

Edward Carter is a powder puff Chinese crested / Maltese mix who has cancer. He was named after the two main characters in the film Bucket List, Edward and Carter, played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

Now Edward Carter is working on his own bucket list.

Motley Zoo says Edward Carter was dropped off at a local shelter last month as a stray. When it was determined that Edward had cancer, Motley Zoo took him into one of their loving hospice foster homes so that he could spend the rest of his time feeling warm, safe and loved.

He s such a fun little guy, it s so sad that he s going, but we re celebrating every moment of the time he s here, said Jme Thomas of Motley Zoo. It s more happy than sad.

Dr. Sarbu of the Veterinary Oncology Center in Renton determined that Edward is indeed a very sick little guy. He was diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma.

There is no cure; our only goal is solely to lengthen my life for as long as I continue to fight for my right to party! Edward says on his Facebook page.

And while I might be dying, please do not feel sorry for me! I do not fear death, but I am not ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge yet either.

Edward had his second round of chemo this week. It went very well and he didn't have any side effects. He ll have his next round of chemo in three weeks.

He s already done a few things on his bucket list, such as appear on the Jackie and Bender show on KISS FM and eat at Norm s Eatery and Alehouse (a dog friendly pub.)

Also on the list: Dog yoga class, go to the beach and model in a dress-up photo shoot. On Sunday, Edward got his wish to ride a ferry and on Monday they visited Lucky Jack's Espresso in Redmond (WATCHVIDEO)

There s even a Flat Edward Carter inspired by Flat Stanley. Flat Edward has traveled as far as London.

We hear he's going to go skydiving, and tour Italy, Argentina and Mexico, Jme says. In all, everyone is excited to share in the celebration of his life before he passes. We have a feeling his 'flat' version will continue on, long after this little boy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Our message is just that this is supposed to inspire everybody so everybody can be happier, everybody can do more, everybody can have a better day, everybody can definitely help make someone else have a better day, Jme said.

If you would like to participate in the Flat Edward Carter project, email Foster Mom at and she will email you your very own Flat Edward Carter, or you can donate $1 and Motley Zoo Animal Rescue will mail one to you, and for a $5 donation you will get a pawtographed Flat Edward Carter.

Motley Zoo's goal is to raise $5,000 for Edward's treatment. If you'd like to help visit

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