Testimony in the David Pietz murder trial came to a surprising end Tuesday.

The defense rested after calling just two witnesses, neither of whom appeared to help the defendant s case.

The case against David Pietz is completely circumstantial, but compelling. Prosecutors say he wanted out of his marriage with his wife, Nicole.

But the defense argues there is no proof Pietz killed his wife. They say Nicole Pietz was a recovering addict and may have fallen in with the wrong crowd.

Her former doctor testified that at the time of her death, Pietz had been prescribed hundreds of painkillers for back problems.

She by that time had enough narcotics prescribed to her that she may well be currently addicted again, said Dr. Carole Waymack, Pietz's former physician.

An autopsy showed Nicole Pietz only had a trace of Percocet in her system.

Closing arguments begin Wednesday morning.

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