MONROE -- A break in a main water pipe in the city of Monroe caused minor flooding and forced the closure of two elementary schools. The break occurred around 4:30 a.m. at the intersection of Ingram Road and Brown Road, sending gallons of water rushing into the street.

Michael Okler, who lives a few yards from the break, woke up to a flooded garage and front yard.

We're pumping water out right now, to try and get the foundation dry, he said.

The water poured into this garage ruining boxes and other stored items.

The water also got into our heater, now it's broke and we can't afford to fix it, Okler said.

Monroe Public Works arrived shortly after the break. Crews spent all morning pulling out the broken pipe in order to replace it.

Work was finished around 10:30 a.m. Water was shut off for 75 customers including two elementary schools, Salem Woods and Chain Link, while crews finished repairs.

Makeshift signs were placed in front of the schools telling parents and students neither would not be open. Tammy Schultz, secretary at Salem Woods Elementary, showed up for work despite the no water.

We can still get some work done, I just brought some bottled water to hold us over, said Schultz.

The Monroe Public Works Department does not know why the pipe broke. Water is expected to be turned back on by this afternoon.

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