He went from owning a half million dollar house and two businesses to homeless and charged with murder. 44-year-old Donnell Jackson is the man accused in a violent, unprovoked stabbing in Pioneer Square.

Police say is he is homeless, and told them he'd only been living in Seattle for about six months. He also told investigators he'd been off his medications for schizophrenia for about four months.

Before living in Seattle, KING 5 has learned Jackson's lifestyle was drastically different.

While living in Las Vegas, he owned a five bedroom house in a gated community that was worth nearly $500,000. During that time, neighbors who knew Jackson as 'Dee' say he ran a landscaping business and flipped homes.

Records show he filed for bankruptcy three times over the years, the most recent filing in May of 2010. The house he once owned has since gone into foreclosure.

In 2011, police say Jackson was arrested for recklessly causing a forest fire, one of several run-ins he had with authorities in California and Nevada.

After being taken into custody after the September 13th stabbing in Pioneer Square, Jackson told investigators he believed the victims were part of a group that had been stalking and trying to kill him.

Shoreline Community College professor Troy Wolff did not survive the stabbing. His girlfriend, 30-year-old Kristin Ito was released from the hospital this week. The couple was leaving a Sounders game when the attack occurred.

Wolff's mother tells KING 5 that Kristin is doing as best as can be expected, as they all begin the heartbreaking task of planning Troy's funeral.

Donnell Jackson's arraignment is set for September 30th.

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