MONTREAL - Bombardier's CSeries aircraft completed its maiden flight in a successful test run of a new narrowbody airplane.

Thousands of employees, suppliers and invited guests cheered as the CS100 plane lifted off at Mirabel airport north of Montreal on Monday. It landed about 2 1/2 hours later. Bombardier Aerospace president Guy Hachey says the CSeries is the world's first new narrowbody design in 26 years.

The first 110- to 125-seat CS100 is slated to enter into service in about a year.

With sizes ranging from 108 to 160 seats, the C-Series will compete against the smaller of Boeing's new 737-MAX models.

The main target is the 737 MAX 7. It will typically offer 126 seats. A longer version of the C-series can can squeeze in 160 seats, almost as many as the 737-MAX-8 at 162.

What the C-Series lacks is range - just under 3,000 nautical miles vs. the smaller 737s that can fly more than 3,500 to nearly 4,000 miles.

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