Mojo s knee is feeling much better after a Seattle clinic treated her arthritis using stem cell therapy.

Lien Animal Clinic says 8-year-old Mojo, a nationally ranked herding dog, has arthritis in one of her knees. She suffered pain even following minimal activity.

Surgery had been recommended, but trainer Bob Hickman couldn't risk losing her prime years to surgical recovery - estimated at 12 to 18 months.

Stem cell therapy was successfully performed at Lien Animal Clinic in December of last year.

She went through 6-8 weeks of rest and followed the prescribed physical therapy recommendations. She is now regularly competing in trials, sometimes doing several each week and has been coursing on long courses and hilly courses and is not being restricted from activity at all.

Bob says Mojo is like a new dog.

In her daily life, she's clearly happy, plays with toys again and runs all out with the other dogs, he says.

Mojo will be competing this Saturday and Sunday at the Vashon Sheepdog Classic.

The main use of stem cell therapy is arthritis in dogs and cats and joint, tendon and ligament issues in the horse.

Researchers are currently looking at the use of stem cells for treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, kidney disease in cats, liver disease, immune mediated diseases, and heart diseases.

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